Just a mini update. My MagSafe power adapter for my MacBook Pro stopped working so I was offline/out of computer space for about a week. If you’ve emailed me and haven’t received a response have no worries I’m getting to them right now.

For those of you waiting to see the awesome albums I’ve been telling you about there is good news – they are in and they are just as awesome in person as I made them out to be! I’m finalizing a couple of them right now but the main album is ready to show off. Pictures of these will be coming shortly to the site for those who can’t meet up with me face-to-face for a bit. I’ll also have some new shots of the DVD packaging coming up shortly as well.

And to finish this off I’ll leave you with another shot from Marissa and Adam’s wedding – hot hot hot.

Marissa and Adam Wedding - Curt O
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