While I was off last month getting my learn on with a lot of other photographers one of the key elements brought up frequently was setting yourself apart from the other photographers and what can you do to stand out from the crowd. This holds true even more so now with how competitive the wedding photography field is and the sheer number of people who currently shoot weddings. Since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to think of what can I do to stand out beyond the awesomeness that is my beard and the sexiness of my glutes.

One thing that I’ve noticed over the past couple of years when talking to numerous people is that they are really interested in my travels and they wish they could travel and see some of the cool things I’ve seen. So I thought what better way to stand ahead of the crowd then to offer a specialized trip to my wedding couples when they book. My first choice when I thought of this was obviously Egypt as I loved my entire experience there but with recent circumstances I went with my second choice. So for the next month only; anyone who books a wedding with me will get a fantastic thirteen day cruise to Hawaii. Essentially, not only are you getting wedding photography you’re getting a honeymoon! If you’d like me to come along for the cruise it would be an additional cost but think of all of the fun and excitement that happens on your honeymoon that you would love professional photos of. That’s right, the fun and excitement (wink wink).

Included with the cruise I was able to set up some of the activities that Jes and I enjoyed while on the islands. When you hit Maui you will take a romantic candlelit mountain bike ride down Haleakala, later in the day you will receive a pirate surfing lesson (arrrrr) on the beach in Lahaina and then before your cruise leaves back for the mainland you will be able to actually select and adopt your very own honu to take home with you! I was also able to arrange an amazing “super” guest to join you on your trip. Seeing as there won’t be an NFL season next year; Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers will be there to take in all the sights with you. And if you thought all of that was me going above and beyond, when you arrive on the boat you’ll receive your very own Curt O’Neil branded stick-on beard to show everyone that you’re on the best trip of your life.

I’m only running this super awesome deal for the month of April; to book this deal you have to click here; and more details on this amazing opportunity can be found here.

Honu in Hawaii
biking Maui
Sufing in Lahaina
Surfing on Maui
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