As you may recall at the bottom of my Vegas post I stated that there would be some major changes coming up. After attending the conference and trade show an amazing opportunity presented itself that I took some time to ponder and decided that I couldn’t pass it up.

I have been bought out by Wal*Mart.

I have been reassured by the powers that be that all current lifestyle and wedding contracts will continue to be met and the services will be rendered. For the lifestyle shoots (families/engagements etc) the shoot will now take place at Wal*Mart’s very own portrait studio as part of their new Curt O’Neil package. Included in this package are 2 stick-on beards free for you to take home and the camera is positioned behind a cardboard cutout of me similar in stance to this (*dog not included in cutout):

Sample of Cardboard Cutout for Curt O

For my wedding couples Wal*Mart has also decided to bend over backwards. You also receive the stick-on beards but for the whole bridal party! For any wedding with guests including bridal party totaling twenty people you too will be shot in the portrait studio – and I apologize for this but if you are at the twenty number invite some random person because they have gone above and beyond for large weddings. For all of my bookings that have more than twenty total people attending they are opening the tire garage for you – imagine having your ceremony area being lifted up on hoists and hovering over the crowd while you make the biggest commitment of your life! One free tire rotation is also included. Simply awesome!

As for me: I’m moving to Costa Rica.

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