Based on the response on my Facebook page and here on the site from my Easter wreath as well as the fact that it has been pinned/repinned over 1500 times there was only one course of action for me to take – start my own wreath making business! Anyone who follows me or Anthony (from Jeannette’s Custom Cakes fame) on Twitter may have seen this in its very infant stage being talked about and the name coming into play.

So from here on out you can get your own custom wreath from Curt’s Custom Wreaths. I’m still finalizing the website and online storefront but that will hopefully all be online by the end of the month. I had to announce it now with Easter just around the corner and it being one of those main wreath making holidays. Now before you start freaking out and thinking I’m leaving the photography thing in the background that’s simply not the case. It just so happens that the main wreath making times of year come along when the photography (mainly weddings for me) side of things slow down a bit so it’s actually the perfect situation for supplementing the mini down time.

So you know of the main wreath seasons of Christmas and Easter but we can do custom wreaths for any occasion such as birthdays, baby showers, Christmas in July, Jersey Shore watching parties, the release of a big blockbuster movie such as the new Avengers one coming out etc. We can theme the wreaths and essentially make them to anything you can dream of!

To start off the wreaths can come in two sizes 24″ round (seen below) or 48″ round known as the “jumbo”. Included in that cost is the base wreath (a wood or fake wood material) and one main item. These wreaths are $50 for the standard or $75 for the jumbo. Adding additional items will be $15 on the standard wreath or $25 on the jumbo. If it’s a special accessory an additional fee may apply and we’ll discuss this in the wreath planning phase. We can essentially take any idea that you might have and make it an amazing wreath!

One of the wreaths I’m currently working on is the Avengers superhero wreath (I sort of mentioned it above) – it’s featuring 8″ action figures of the various Avengers throughout the years – this will be a special one of kind wreath just for the new movie coming out. I’m really excited about this one because I’m a huge comic book nerd (true story).

So there you have it! I hope all of you who supported me on this photographic roller coaster that I’ve been on will hop on board the custom wreath tilt-a-whirl with me too! As a special bonus to get the ball rolling all wreaths ordered by Friday will receive a 25% discount and a free stick on beard! To order currently just use the contact form on this site, when the new site is up and running everything will be done through there.

And wait better way to end this off then the one that started it all!

Easter Wreath from Curt
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