The last couple of nights I’ve been shooting Jes and myself for a top secret project that I cannot name or tell you about. The fact that I’ve said this much may have already put my life in danger. Seriously. But I’m a risk taker so below is a teaser (outtakes) for the project. But shh, don’t tell anyone.

Curt O

Now if all the ladies will stop staring at my fabulous pectorials and the guys can stop drooling over my absolutely awesome beard we can continue on.

Jes and I getting ready to head out on our big Vegas vacation which starts tomorrow. It’s not really big and not really a vacation but a quick get away for us. While there I’ll be shooting our own engagement pictures – how fun is that going to be? Anyway, it is going to be great to get away from the deep chill happening here and get to sunny Las Vegas for a few days. I will be throwing the shots up on to the site when they are ready.

If you haven’t already checked out the contest, be sure to get your entry in for a free shoot. If you do not see your comment appear right away don’t worry, I will have received it and have to approve them first.

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