Andrea and Marc got the pleasure of me trying to acclimatize myself back to our northern fall weather after leaving 30C and sunny. I believe the day we ventured out was no colder than 10C but I had my toque on and felt cold. Damn you Hawaii!

I met up with Andrea and Marc at local downtown hot spot Dish and then we ventured around the downtown core once again using buildings, lane ways and any other fun things we saw. As a quick note, if anyone reading this needs to use either Andrea or Marc to look out for cars for them so that you do not get ran over go and find a stranger to do the job instead. After we had all the fun that could be had downtown we headed up to Hiawatha Highlands but used a part of the park which I have never been to before. Andrea and Marc’s ceremony will actually be taking place at the Bible Chapel which is now located inside the old ski lodge on the grounds – it is definitely a sweet location for their ceremony and party afterward. Checking the area out and using the surroundings before the big day was a bonus and hopefully we’ll be able to try to use some of them again when their wedding rolls around next year.

Thanks for the killer afternoon guys – looking forward to the wedding next year.

Engagement Shoot - in time out
Engagement Shoot - brick wall decay
Engagement Shoot - ye old Ford truck
Engagement Shoot - reserved for literacy
Engagement Shoot - at the antique store getting hit by cars
Engagement Shoot - alleyway snuggle
Engagement Shoot - alleyway snuggle
Engagement Shoot - bus stop
Engagement Shoot - covered garage
Engagement Shoot - motel attitude
Engagement Shoot - old truck attitude
Engagement Shoot - old truck talk
Engagement Shoot - in the tall grass
Engagement Shoot - standing in the creek
Engagement Shoot - modern day American Gothic - we tried
Engagement Shoot - in the woods with the debris
Engagement Shoot - ski lift surprise
Engagement Shoot - shoes on a tire
Engagement Shoot - sunset on the hill
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