When I started this whole photography thing my mom was somewhat proud of me but would constantly say “I won’t really know if this is what you should be doing until I see some of your pictures in a magazine with a scantily clad woman on the cover.”

Well mom, your dream has come true!

I have a couple of shots featured on an article about Lion Ride in the summer issue of Urban Male Magazine (UMM) available at newsstands wherever the magazine is sold (Mac’s had them in the Sault). There’s a quick interview in the band section of the magazine with Mikey and Marky and the shots are from their show here in the Sault trying to earn the opening spot for Kiss. For those of you who don’t know how this big carnival ride known as “Curt O’Neil Photographer” began it was with live band photography and Lion Ride is one of the few live shows that I still get out and shoot. It is definitely nice seeing something that I was passionate about and got me to where I am now being in a national mag. Also for those of you who have had shoots with me and I show you my “rock button” to prove that the bag I carry around is cool, it’s a Lion Ride button, told you it was cool.

Here’s some snaps from the mag as well as the two published shots nice and big.

Cover of Summer issue of UMM
contributor list of Summer issue of UMM
article in Summer issue of UMM
Lion Ride - UMM Magazine - Mikey Lion
Lion Ride - UMM Magazine - Marky Lion
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