With all the snow out there currently we’re going to flash back to a warmer time and one of my last fall shoots featuring the Assiginack family. I woke that morning with some crazy vertigo (I think that’s what it was anyway) happening and still had the lingering affects of it when we started the shoot but who needs to be seeings straight and not wobbling side to side to take a good photo? I met up with Nikki, Vince, Felicia, Clarence, Curtis, Melissa, Landon, Ellie, Sharron, Bruce, Michelle, Pat, David and Lexy the dog at the Soo Canal to rock their family shoot. We were a little slow starting due to my above condition but it didn’t take long for everyone to get into the swing of things and make the shoot awesome.

As an added bonus Bruce has inspired me to add a new rule to all of my shoots. From now on, for any shoot, wedding, engagement, family, baby, pet, etc there must be a pipe – no questions asked. Bruce and his pipe made for some of my favourite portraits that I have taken (two of them below!). So thank you Bruce for bringing it along and thank you to your wife and daughters for letting us keep it for the shots.

Assignack Family - soo locks
Assignack Family - Canning parents
Assignack Family - family and abandoned house
Assignack Family - brothers
Assignack Family - Canning father and daughters
Assignack Family - soo locks
Assignack Family - family
Assignack Family - playing in leaves
Assignack Family - mom and son
Assignack Family - girl pose
Assignack Family - man and his pipe
Assignack Family - girl
Assignack Family - girl attitude
Assignack Family - boy with attitude
Assignack Family - all the girls
Assignack Family - brother and sister
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