Ever have one of those days where you should have woke up, walked around your bed and then hopped right back in? Today was clearly that day for me. I’ve tried to memory wipe most of the events from the day using one of those memory wipe things from Men In Black but the red sharpie I’m using just doesn’t do the trick. Also taking into consideration that I had a camera along with me for part of it there is some photo evidence to the experience that was my morning/mid-afternoon.

The first shot below is the second wrapping of my flash to trigger to light stand in duct tape of the day – the first iteration started to fail. The second shot is my foot semi-stuck/staring to sink in the mud. Just some evidence from the day. Thanks to Gisele and Derek for taking it in stride and making the rest of the day fun.

Duct tape wrapped flash to trigger to light stand
In the mud
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