Jes is addicted to Pinterest as I’m sure a number of you are as well. A couple of days ago she was looking at Easter wreaths on there I’m assuming as a way to decorate the house. She decided to head to the new crafts store that just opened up in town to obtain some materials to create a wreath. I really had no clue what her idea was or what she was even talking about. I’ll admit, I creep onto her Pinterest here and there and I even added a Batgirl Barbie into her Kid board as something to get Reese but I hadn’t seen the wreaths she was talking about at all. When she got back home, she handed me a bag of material and told me to make a wreath.


Easter Wreath made with wooden wreath adn plastic easter eggs

Now if you’re on my Facebook page you got a sneak peek at this wreath and I promised an in-depth write up on how to create your own wreath just like this. So here it goes.

What you need:
1. Wreath – stealing a neighbour’s who might still have their Christmas decorations up at the end of March is okay
2. Some plastic eggs – or real ones if you’re crazy
3. Glue gun, glue sticks
4. Me or another guy with a beard – operating a glue gun is a tricky task, it is a gun after all!

Now here’s the big part you’ve been waiting for, there’s two different ways of setting this up.

First option – if you have #4 above.
1. Hand them all the materials
2. Walk away
3. Come back 30 minutes later and you have a wreath

Second option – if you don’t have #4 above
1. Sort the eggs – you don’t want the same colours beside each other that’s a preschool mistake
2. Glue the eggs to the wreath
3. That’s pretty much it – I honestly can’t believe you even read this far, it’s pretty straight forward from the picture 😉

And there you have it, just a fun little project we did this weekend. Now go make your own and put them up on my Facebook page to brag.

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