… follows you home and shows up online when you’re a photographer.

At the start of March I attended the Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International (WPPI) conference/trade show in Las Vegas. It was a great week where I was able to catch up with Mark and Chantal, meet some friends face to face for the first time and learn some crazy new things (such as my American friends not having any clue what poutine is!).

Out of the 14,000 attendees I knew approximately 7 of them and was hoping to meet up with them at one point or another. Twenty minutes after the very first session I was in we were all sitting in a bar at the MGM. It was pretty crazy how in an area so large with so many people you are able to run into the people you were looking for.

I’ve added some shots below from the trip. For a photography conference I really didn’t shoot much at all. The first 3 are quick shots from a trip Mark, Chantal, Jes and I took to Walgreens – with 3 completely different looks to them. The last 4 were shot by the awesome Jordan Chan at the Denny’s booth during the trade show – he was short a model and I’m always up for having a fun time.

Look forward to seeing some new stuff from me in the next couple of months.

As an added bonus to the trip – Jes and I won an iPad – BOOYAH!

Mark, Jes and Chantal - Viva Las Vegas
Curt and Mark - Las Vegas Cowboys
The Incredible Mark Ridout - ooo textures
Curt and Mark in small furniture shot by Jordan Chan
Curt in a tub shot by Jordan Chan
mean Curt with car door shot by Jordan Chan
local celebrity Curt shot by Jordan Chan
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