It’s only fitting that on the eve of the US Thanksgiving I’m getting to some of the shoots shot on the weekend of our Canadian Thanksgiving. I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous (if not just a bit chilly) October Saturday morning with the Torresan family consisting of Mike, Eva, Matteo and Damian. Once again the young ones had me on my toes for most of the morning – Matteo was definitely more interested in finding squirrels or playing with the rocket blaster and Damian just wanted to sleep and was probably wondering why we had him out in the chilly fall morning. I’m sure he was muttering baby swear words at me in his mind – you can see it in his eyes.

It was a great morning, the sun came out and started shining – which it definitely wasn’t doing in the afternoon (that will be the next post) – and I believe everyone had a great time. Thanks for the morning Mike and Eva.

Family Photo Shoot - boy on swing
Family Photo Shoot - boy in the trees
Family Photo Shoot - boy
Family Photo Shoot - brothers
Family Photo Shoot - family
Family Photo Shoot - boy and mom
Family Photo Shoot - bridge with boy and parents
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