Now this is what a nice fall day in Sault Ste. Marie is supposed to be. Cool wind, warm sun and great colours on the the trees. The other benefit to this shoot (for them anyway) is that Sarah and Steve knew how to read a weather forecast.

This is the part of my writeup where I go “VH1: Behind the Music Photography” on you. Sarah and Steve were originally scheduled to have their engagement shoot when Jenn and AJ had theirs but decided to see what the weather was going to be like first. When they saw dropping temperatures and the chance for rain/snow/hail/abominable snowmen they rescheduled leaving the date open for Jenn and AJ who were going to be in the Sault for the weekend. I actually ran into Steve later on the night of Jenn and AJ’s shoot and he just shook his head when I told him that I was out in the weather doing a shoot.

Steve’s daughter Sarah joined us for the first half of the shoot. We started the shoot at Kinsmen Park / Hiawatha Highlands trying to find locations that I hadn’t used yet which led us on to some paths into the treed areas. From there Steve, Sarah and myself went to the newest section of the hub trail here in Sault Ste. Marie located just down the road from Sault College. We finished off the shoot in the Sault’s downtown core using some of the brightly painted buildings as backdrops.

I’m looking forward to the wedding next year guys!

Engagement Shoot - Family
Engagement Shoot - fall walk into trees
Engagement Shoot - family on foot bridge
Engagement Shoot - under the foot bridge
Engagement Shoot - beside the waterfall
Engagement Shoot -moment in the rocks
Engagement Shoot - through the trees
Engagement Shoot - dad and daughter
Engagement Shoot - looking over the waterfall
Engagement Shoot - sault pedestrian path
Engagement Shoot - kiss on the pathway
Engagement Shoot - in the woods
Engagement Shoot - in the woods
Engagement Shoot - the purple wall of attitude
Engagement Shoot - sitting against the wall
Engagement Shoot - back alley attitude in Sault Ste Marie
Engagement Shoot - blue wall
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