Sault Ste Marie Pet Photography - PAWsome Booth 2011 - Donation to Soup Kitchen Community Centre

Just got back from bringing the donation to the Soup Kitchen Community Centre from PAWsome Booth 2011. In total we had 72 sessions; over 80 dogs and 2 cats! From the sessions we raised $850 and with the contest for the canvas 207 food items were brought in! I might be over using the exclamation marks but who cares, this was awesome!

I can’t thank everyone who participated enough, thanks for coming out and thank you for your support. A big thank you goes to Beth who helped me out on Sunday and Monday (and Lenny for being our greeter on Monday); Heather who was there Monday afternoon and Tuesday and Steph who was also helping on Tuesday. And this list of thanks wouldn’t be complete without me giving a HUGE shout out to Steve and loplops; without the use of the space this wouldn’t have been possible.

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