This upcoming Thursday (Sept 29) the Water Tower Inn will be hosting a Dream Wedding Showcase and your bearded friend (that’s me) will be doing a mini-presentation representing the photography side of your wedding day. This isn’t your normal wedding showcase you may be used to where there are booths all set up and you just bounce from booth to booth entering your name for the free stuff; we’re hoping to make the event as educational as possible to help you plan your perfect day. So instead of booths there will be 5-10 minute presentations from different wedding vendors representing some of the different aspects of your day from jewelery, your gown, decoration, DJ and photography. The Water Tower will also be having some food available and you can check out the different options that they can provide for your reception (and possible ceremony as well).

So if you or someone you know is in the main planning stages of their wedding and think you can benefit from this definitely try to check it out. My presentation is mostly tackling some of the main questions that come in my way during the wedding planning stage in regards to photography and what photographers in general are looking for etc. It has nothing to do with hiring me but helping you hire the right photographer for you. There will be break periods between some of the presentations and at the end of the evening for you to ask more questions and talk face to face with the different vendors if you’d like.

To RSVP for the event you need to contact Karen Biocchi at 705-945-7603 – I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there. If you showed up because of this definitely come and say hi.

Water Tower Inn Dream Wedding Showcase - Curt O
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