Year One – in the beginning we wanted it to be awesome and I believe it was.

This post is actually coming a little later than it should but it still needs to be made. This big photography thing known as Curt O’Neil Photographer has now officially ran for just over a year. It has been an incredible journey to get to this point where I had the opportunity to meet and work with amazing couples, families and friends. The acceptance to what I have been doing and what I want to do has been more than what I could hope for and I want to thank all of you for that.

This was a big year for me which included launching this business, getting married and visiting Hawaii. Jes and I love the idea of travel and seeing the world and experiencing what it has to offer. As we move forward with this business the opportunities are starting to present themselves for us to be able to do it along with others and share in their special moments with them. The first of such adventures being Italy this summer.

I wouldn’t be able to complete a recap post without thanking some of those involved in getting me to where I am. The first person being my wife Jes – always keeping me grounded and having a goal in sight. From there I have to name a few photo friends who have helped me along the way whether they know it or not Allison, Gareth, Mike, Jordan and Mark. Thanks for your insights, your friendship and your ideas on the random things I’d ask. Also to the crew at WFF thanks for being there and being that tight knit community.

I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead and to hope to keep bringing the awesome. To stay in contact with what we are doing here you can follow us three ways:
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Below are some of my favourite shots for the year. Some won’t mean anything to you but they the moment, the shot, the people all mean something to me. It was hard just narrowing it down to this. I left out anything that was fairly recent and anything that was far back. It’s a snapshot. I also still have shoots from 2009 to finish up and get on here as well.

Thanks again to all of you and don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

Curt and Jes Engagement shoot in Las Vegas - Curt O
Marissa in the bathtub - Curt O
Caitlin on a bridge - Curt O
Megan and Andre Wedding Shoot - Curt O
Brown Family, dad and son in super shirts - Curt O
Bridget and Brian on old school bike - Curt O
Bridget and Brian - old school bike - Curt O

Rachel in abandoned car - Curt O
Rachel and Ryan in the water - Curt O
Becky and Rich on the road - Curt O
Andrea and Scott under the willow tree - Curt O
Jillian and John in the woods - Curt O
Whitely Family - at the bridge - Curt O
Big Wheel and the Spokes promo shoot - Curt O
Hawaii volcano mountain biking - Curt O
Jenn and AJ sleet storm on the road - Curt O
Mark Rand - Lion Ride! - Curt O
Andrea and Marc - Sunset on the hill - Curt O
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