Street Crossing - Aswan, Egypt - Picture of the Day

Jumped into my way back machine for this one. This was shot back in 2008 when Jes and I did an amazing tour of Egypt. This scene here is from our time in Aswan, that’s Jes on the left and Marwuan our Egyptian guide is the third one in. I made it across the street before them, when I turned around I saw this scene and shot it. It’s one of my favourite pictures from the trip and it has nothing really do to with Egypt; I love the dynamic, I love movement of the car behind them, I love the fact that the three girls are looking one way and Marwuan the other.

I’m pretty sure this shot has not really been seen by all, I did have it featured in my Ignite Sault talk and it made it to my own personal Facebook page way back in 2008 but no one knew who I was then.

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