I’m back. For those of you looking for those constant updates and had no clue where I disappeared to have no worries as I’m back.

Where did I go you ask? I was off on a little excursion to a little known country referred to as Italy to shoot the amazing wedding of Michela and Aaron. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. Details of the wedding week and pictures will be appearing here soon, I promise. Don’t let the title of this post confuse you either, we were not just in Rome but had the opportunity to see a lot of what Italy had to offer.

Jes and I had an awesome time while we were away and would like to thank Michela and Aaron, the McClelland’s and the Knox’s and the rest of the family and friends who were there that made us feel as welcomed as we were. We were able to get away for a few days on our own after the wedding to explore as much as Italy as we could in very limited time. After approximately 1400KM on the rental car, swearing at the GPS multiple times (Pisa and Rome confuse it quite a bit), seeing some of those “check-off-the-list” type sites and watching two Italy World Cup games with the locals we are happy to be home.

Below is just a sampling of what is in store (sorry guys – no wedding stuff just yet ;))

Bikes at Cinque Terre - Italy
boats at a marina in La Spezia, Italy
finding our way in Pisa
the Colosseum, Rome Italy
road sign in Rome, Italy
scooters on the street in Rome, Italy
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