So my little family and I are on the move which means our current house is now for sale. We moved in here at the start of 2006 after doing a few months of renovations. We love this place but have simply outgrown it now that there’s Jes and I, Reese, the three dogs and the business. This is definitely what someone would consider a “starter home” or a downsizing home. The location and neighbourhood is great and to us the house is still awesome we just don’t fit anymore. If we could build a story on top of it I’m sure we would.

Some of the features that we’ve either redone or added include: resurfaced original hardwood floors (before we moved in), gardens/landscaping out front, fence and deck in the backyard, garage (ready to be wired – automatic garage door is installed we just didn’t run electricity out to it), bathroom renovated a few years ago and we just facelifted the kitchen (something we wish we did sooner after we did it).

For showings and more info and all the fancy “house buying” stuff you can check out the listing on Leslie’s site

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