One year ago today we got burnt… badly… and we got married. Sunscreen would have been a good choice. I think the year has flown by and it is kind of crazy that it has already been a year.

Since the wedding we made it out to Hawaii (our honeymoon), watched the Packers beat the Bears (always a good day) and had the amazing opportunity to go to Italy to shoot a wedding and get some free time to check out the country on our own. Jes and I love to travel and the idea of seeing as much as we can while we can so adding two new places in the past year is awesome.

A lot of you know that I’m the idiot behind the camera but you do not know that Jes is the brains behind the business aspects of the business. The number crunching, the tax paying (yuck) and keeping me on track and showing up for your shoot. So without her this crazy photo business wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today.

Happy Anniversary Jes!

(the Hawaii shots are shot by me except for the one of us on the bike, that was shot by our spotter/driver; the wedding shots are from the super awesome Mark Ridout)

Jes Surfing in Hawaii
Mountain biking down a volcano in Hawaii - Maui
Curt and Jes in Hawaii
Curt and Jes - Mark Ridout
Jes punch
Curt and Jes - Curt jump
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