Update: I believe this is resolved now. You should be getting responses from me. If you have sent something in and haven’t heard back by end of day today check your junk/spam just in case.

Just a big update to anyone who has sent me off a message in the past week or so. It looks like my emails (especially the ones coming from my contact form) have been going to an alternate inbox. I noticed this problem tonight. To top things off any responses I’ve tried sending out from that inbox are being tossed into junk or spam folders. So yes I have received your messages, I have either tried responding or I am holding off briefly until I can get this situation resolved. If you need to contact me right away use my direct email link found at the bottom of this site as that still works (I believe).

And because some people just want to see dogs wearing clothes here is a shot of Harvey in his red hoodie:

Harvey the Jack Russell Terrier in a red hoodie
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