Here comes the snow, here comes the snow, here comes the snow. Yeah! Here comes the snow!

Clearly that line up there should be sung and to the beat of “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Gos.

Moving forward. Jenn wanted a snow shoot but the Sault rolling into the start of December was pretty limited in the snow department. Then BAM the night before the shoot we get snow. So if you’re wanting it to rain chocolate chips or typhoon pudding just ask Jenn as I think she has supreme weather powers. Jenn and Steve are two local entrepreneurs who own Loplops and Dish Espresso Bar and Cafe. I’ve been frequenting Loplops for the local music (and touring acts) for about four years now; they also have an art gallery for local artists up front. During the day you may see Jenn working hard behind the window at Dish Espresso Bar and Cafe where they have daily lunch specials that Jenn laughs at me about because I won’t eat 95% of them. It is not because they are bad, I’m just a very picky eater – meat, cheese, bread and I’m good. You may also at any point in time also see their kids Jaxon and Jaelyn at one of these establishments giving a helping hand or the best helping hand that they can.

For their shoot we headed to Bellevue Park with a quick stop inside the green house which I’ve never been inside before. By the time we made it to the greenhouse Jaelyn had enough of me and was giving me the best “I so hate you” faces. Kids, you got to love them! From there we headed to the playground for some slide and snowball action. A word of caution: freshly snowed on slides become extremely quick.

Thanks for the great afternoon guys!

Alexander - Dad and kids by the pond
Alexander - family by the pond
Alexander - Jaxon in a tree
Alexander - family in a tree
Alexander - parents in a tree
Alexander - family in the greenhouse
Alexander - Dad and daughter
Alexander - Dad and daughter
Alexander - Jaxon at the playground
Alexander - Jaelyn on the slide of doom
Alexander - Jaxon on slide of doom 2
Alexander - Jaelyn on swing
Alexander - boy portrait
Alexander - girl portrait
Alexander - family on top of the hill
Alexander - happy family time
Alexander - mom and daughter
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